Jan 30, 2020

The benefits of ginger is not only in the aroma it gives to food or its ability to lower the risk of cancer, weight loss, and if you type “benefits of” on google, you will realize that ginger pops up top with likes of cucumber underneath (that tells you how important our subject of discussion is today), the financial worth of ginger in the international market has been an "item of secret" on the list of the agricultural-gold miners. Not anymore cos I am about to shed light on ginger, maybe not everything will be made known but important stuffs; let’s roll.



Ginger is a brown irregular finger-like underground stem called a rhizome, with a yellow scented inner layer when it has been split or peeled. For the scholars, the botanical name "Zingiber officinale" sounds like a name taken from somewhere between Zanzibar and Zambia, don’t ask me.

There are fresh and dried gingers and they are used for different medicinal purposes with the Chinese and the Japs at the forefront of highly beneficial use of this wonder plant. The most impressive part of all these is the ways value is added to ginger.

Cultivating ginger: If you have intentions of growing ginger, you should know that ginger doesn’t grow everywhere and anywhere, the environmental and soil conditions have to be set right for proper yield to be achieved. It is believed that ginger grows well in a sheltered place with access to 2-5 hours of sunlight and enough water. Soil requirement is identified as loose, moist, rich loamy soil with pH level best set at the range of 5.5 to 6.5. Heavy rainfall can be harmful to ginger so it is advisable to plant when the rainy season is starting sometime around April. Management practices must be adhered to during the planting, propagation, seedling, pest control, fertilizers everything needs to be top-notch (well that’s how we roll here at farmfunded), then after 8 months; ginger will be ready for harvest.

Processing and storage: Ginger can be eaten fresh or can be stored to dry, remember I said earlier that both types have sneaky different modes of operation in the human body. For ginger to be stored, it has to be clean (using freshwater), then it can be chopped or split to allow it to dry faster under the sun, then ginger can be stored in a cellar, rectangular pit, tunnel but note that ginger has very strict storage requirement that has to be stuck to. Visit https://www.medicinalplantsarchive.us/ginger-zingiber/harvesting-and-storing.html to read more about storing and processing of ginger. If you want to learn about different ways to prepare ginger and add it to your food, drop your comment or send mail to signify interest, or you can just google it!

Products (Ginger extract): ginger products are used in different industries majorly pharmaceutical, confectionery, soap making, and others. The products made from ginger extracts are very important in the food industry.

Health Benefits: Ginger aids digestion, reduce the risk of cancer, fights flu and cold. It helps to reduce pain and soreness, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol level, reduces menstrual pain, aids the treatment of osteoarthritis and some reports believe that ginger improves brain function. There are some more other benefits that weren’t covered in this article, but if by now; ginger is not part of your menu or spices then you should include it as soon as possible.

Trading Ginger: according to esanland.com the price of ginger (a tonne) in Nigeria is set at $3,500 while at the international market it could go as high as 6 to 7 thousand dollars (there may be changes to the value now, base on market forces). The markets range from china to India across Europe to the rest of Asia and ginger is traded in three basic forms (fresh, pickled, dried). If you are interested in trading ginger actively, you can take a trip to the north and buy then find your buyers but if you have some other works on your hand like me, then you need to check the ginger trading package on this website and buy as much unit as you can. You can also contact FarmFunded customer care if you have more questions. 

So there you have it on ginger, you can make more findings in your free time; pick some products made from ginger at the supermart or go to the market and buy, then you can consume as deem fit. Contact me in a few months' time to share a testimony, be adventurous.


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