₦40,000 per unit


return on investment
in 4 months/121 days


available units

Investment amount Interest Expected Returns
40000.00 5200.00 45200.00

Additional Information

Rice Trading Investment Plan (R.T.I.P.)

WHY: In our quest to identify and proffer solutions to problems across the rice value chain, we are opening the Rice Trading Investment Plan which was drafted to address the challenges in the distribution of rice from the processing factory to our distributors and consequently our final consumers.

In past times, funders had the opportunity to fund packages which financed the primary cultivation and the processing of rice which led to the birth of our flagship product “FARMTAIN RICE” currently sold in the market. We are committed to achieving and sustaining rice availability and affordability in the near future and the R.T.I.P. moves us closer to this goal.

WHEN: The best time to plant a cocoa tree was 7 years ago, the second-best time is now. So do your calculations and set the amount you wish to invest and INVEST

WHO: We are FarmFunded and we are working to achieve the goal of food security for Africa, with Nigeria as our springboard.


Your Investment covers the following:

a. Hauling from Factory to Distributors’ Outlets

b. Transporting Farmtain Rice to Distributors’ Outlets

c. Insurance cover on the Rice in Warehouse and In-Transit.


Investment Details:

Unit Price: NGN40,000;

Returns on Investment: 13%;

Duration: 4 months;

Location: Kano State.


Be part of rice business revolution, buy units of R.T.I.P.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. It allows you to collaboratively work with farmers and FarmFunded to achieve food security.
2. Allows you grow your food and funds sustainably
3. Scale-up the number of farmers that will be producing food consequently resulting in food sufficiency.
4. Contribute to the reduction of the unemployable youths in the country who will be gainfully employed by farmers.
5. Have food products delivered to you at the end of the farmcycle (Terms & Conditions applies).

Yes, all farms presently receiving fund support from FarmFunded are being insured by leading insurance organisations such as Leadway Assurance Company Limited and the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation

Returns are earned on the farm funded upon the completion of the farming period(farmcycle), after the farm produces are being sold and funds received, initial funds with accruing returns will be paid to the investors.

When you fund a farm, your funds are aggregated and channeled appropriately to the farms that you have indicated interest to fund.

Usually after funding the farms, you get monthly updates to the email address adequately provided upon proving your details on the login dashboard.