Agricultural Commodity Trading 2.0. (Cashew Nuts 2.0.)

₦1,000,000 per unit


return on investment
in 8 months/243 days


available units

Investment amount Interest Expected Returns
1000000.00 350000.00 1350000.00

Additional Information

Cashew nuts are fruits that grow on tropical evergreen cashew trees. The cashew nut is usually processed into cashew kernels, cashew cheese or cashew butter and Nigeria is one of the largest producers of raw cashew nuts in shells worldwide with a yearly export volume of at least $167 million US dollars and untapped yearly potentials of over $115.8 million US dollars. In 2017 alone, cashew nuts exporters in Nigeria exported over 220,000 tonnes of Cashew Nuts.

The Nigerian cashew sector is dominated by smallholder farmers. numbered at about 25,000 and some commercial plantations, with an average cultivated area of 325,000 hectares, local processing industry is growing gradually while there is a significant rise in export due to increased awareness of export potential and processing opportunities. The vast worldwide demand for cashew nuts in Nigeria by international buyers makes venturing into the export of Cashew Nuts from Nigeria to several countries around the world a lucrative export business to start up.


The challenges in the cashew nut trading sphere comprises of over/under-pricing, exploitation of farmers by buyers, poorly managed supply chains and some other issues; these are why farmfunded has decided to step into the cashew trading niche to profer solutions to some of the problems that buyers and farmers face in getting right value for the effort and money. 


Benefits of A.C.T 2.0 - Cashew Nut

1. A.C.T. 2.0 allows us to buy cashew nuts from farmers, gatherers and local storehouses. 

2. Process it for storage and export (in line with the acceptable internantional standard).

3. It allows our quality control team to supervise the processing, packaging and storage of the cashew nuts.

4. Funders get 30% return on every unit of investment.


Why you should invest in A.C.T 2.0

1. You get to enhance price balance between the players in the cashew trading sphere with farmfunded employing the use of international trading price during the transactions.

2. To actively contribute towards Nigeria's effort to generate more revenue in the non-oil commodities exporting sector.

3. Investing in A.C.T. 2.0 gives you the leverage to earn more while risking less in the commodity trading sector. 


Your investment covers:

a. Buying and selling of cashew nuts in bulk.

b. Processing and packaging of cashew nuts.

c. Leasing of warehouse and hauling.

d. Insurance cover for the cashew nuts.


The comprehensive insurance cover provided by Leadway Assurance Company Limited is being put in place against flood, lightning, burglary/housebreaking, explosion/fire, earthquake and accidental damage that maybe caused to the warehouse during storage and whilst in transit.


Investment Details:


Unit Price: NGN50,000;


Returns on Investment: 30%;


Duration: 8 months;


Location: Oyo state.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. It allows you to collaboratively work with farmers and FarmFunded to achieve food security.
2. Allows you grow your food and funds sustainably
3. Scale-up the number of farmers that will be producing food consequently resulting in food sufficiency.
4. Contribute to the reduction of the unemployable youths in the country who will be gainfully employed by farmers.
5. Have food products delivered to you at the end of the farmcycle (Terms & Conditions applies).

Yes, all farms presently receiving fund support from FarmFunded are being insured by leading insurance organisations such as Leadway Assurance Company Limited and the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation

Returns are earned on the farm funded upon the completion of the farming period(farmcycle), after the farm produces are being sold and funds received, initial funds with accruing returns will be paid to the investors.

When you fund a farm, your funds are aggregated and channeled appropriately to the farms that you have indicated interest to fund.

Usually after funding the farms, you get monthly updates to the email address adequately provided upon proving your details on the login dashboard.