₦100,000 per unit


return on investment
in 24 months/732 days


available units

Investment amount Interest Expected Returns
100000.00 80000.00 180000.00

Additional Information


Investment Overview of Integrated Rice Mill Financing: 

5.9 million MT was the value of demand for rice in 2014, local production that same year was estimated to be 2.7 million MT (Sahel Capital), the reality is that we are not close to satisfying local consumption in Nigeria, it is expected that in 2020, due to series of factors; the gap between demand and supply would have widened.

In our pursuit to ensure that Nigeria is food sufficient and secured, FarmFunded is opening a rice mill financing plan which will allow the pool of investors fund procurement of integrated rice milling machine which will ensure increase in capacity to produce four times what we have been able to achieve with the rice processing investment plan in 2019.

The IRMF (Integrated Rice Mill Financing) allows investors to fund units available which will be committed into the procurement of milling machine, and processing of paddy rice to premium parboiled rice.

Subscribing to the IRMF entails the following:

With the integrated rice mill financing, your investment will be channeled to:

1.       Purchase of Integrated Rice Milling Machines.

2.       Construction of mill.

3.       Transportation of machines from the manufacturer to the mill.

4.       Processing Paddy Rice purchased to Premium Parboiled Rice.

5.       Enlistments of personnel to oversee the function and maintenance of machines.

7.       Comprehensive Insurance Cover on the Integrated Rice Mill in the factory.

Balancing expectations and actions in this period of uncertainties towards the achievement of food security in the long-run has been ingrained in our call, we are determined to place Nigeria in the forefront of food production (rice) in the coming years. Join us to achieve this together by funding the IRMF.

Investment Details:

Unit Price: NGN100,000;

Returns on Investment: 80%; (10% Returns paid every 3 months).

Duration: 24 months.

Location: Kano State.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. It allows you to collaboratively work with farmers and FarmFunded to achieve food security.
2. Allows you grow your food and funds sustainably
3. Scale-up the number of farmers that will be producing food consequently resulting in food sufficiency.
4. Contribute to the reduction of the unemployable youths in the country who will be gainfully employed by farmers.
5. Have food products delivered to you at the end of the farmcycle (Terms & Conditions applies).

Yes, all farms presently receiving fund support from FarmFunded are being insured by leading insurance organisations such as Leadway Assurance Company Limited and the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation

Returns are earned on the farm funded upon the completion of the farming period(farmcycle), after the farm produces are being sold and funds received, initial funds with accruing returns will be paid to the investors.

When you fund a farm, your funds are aggregated and channeled appropriately to the farms that you have indicated interest to fund.

Usually after funding the farms, you get monthly updates to the email address adequately provided upon proving your details on the login dashboard.