₦50,000 per unit


return on investment
in 7 months/212 days


available units

Investment amount Interest Expected Returns
50000.00 17500.00 67500.00

Additional Information

President Muhammadu Buhari directed the Central Bank of Nigeria "not to issue a kobo" of the country's reserves for the importation of food items and fertilizer as the federal government rolls out the Economic Sustainability Plan and sets goals for National Food Security.

As an active investor and a business person, what came to your mind when you read this? The price of food is about to increase, because the reality is that the country doesn’t have the capacity or ability to achieve food security just yet and difficult time is to be expected.

But, wherever there is problem; lies opportunity. Insecurity, coupled with pandemic, climate action and other factors are responsible for decrease in the production in the food sector, and the government might have seen this policy as booster to encourage farmers.

FarmFunded as an active player across the value chain of agriculture has identified the opportunities that this presidential directive might avail us and that is why we are poised to seize it as the nation approach its bustling festive period. There is high expectation that prices of food will be higher than it was last year, meanwhile series of events over the course of the year has resulted in the fragmentation of the supply network in Nigeria.

To be part of the solution, one must have extensive knowledge of the food market across Nigeria, where to meet farmers that are bringing produce out of their farms and buy from them at a realistic price, then make arrangement for transportation, preservation and storage.

A lot of Nigerian farmers brings their harvests directly from the farm to the market, without any plans to keep and store; this gives buyers the negotiating advantage and allows commodity traders freedom to control price by the time they are reselling to distributors.  The ability to transport, preserve and store these food items till when it is ideal time to sell is what sets the difference between an average farmer today and a commodity trader.

It is also less risky to operate in the mid-stream sector because the foods are harvested, packaged and ready to transport; all threats can be mitigated with provision of insurance policies like goods in transit, warehousing, maritime and others.

Vital knowledge of location, price action, market survey contributes to successful exploits of traders year in and out; government policies coupled with continous increase in population of the country is an indicator that trading food commodities in 2020 is a gem of an idea, you can be part of it by investing in the F.C.T.I.P and stand a chance of sharing in the profit after the stipulated duration.

Investment Details:

Unit Price: NGN50,000;

Returns on Investment: 15%;

Duration: 4 months.

Location: Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Oyo and Osun States, Nigeria. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. It allows you to collaboratively work with farmers and FarmFunded to achieve food security.
2. Allows you grow your food and funds sustainably
3. Scale-up the number of farmers that will be producing food consequently resulting in food sufficiency.
4. Contribute to the reduction of the unemployable youths in the country who will be gainfully employed by farmers.
5. Have food products delivered to you at the end of the farmcycle (Terms & Conditions applies).

Yes, all farms presently receiving fund support from FarmFunded are being insured by leading insurance organisations such as Leadway Assurance Company Limited and the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation

Returns are earned on the farm funded upon the completion of the farming period(farmcycle), after the farm produces are being sold and funds received, initial funds with accruing returns will be paid to the investors.

When you fund a farm, your funds are aggregated and channeled appropriately to the farms that you have indicated interest to fund.

Usually after funding the farms, you get monthly updates to the email address adequately provided upon proving your details on the login dashboard.